Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Debut Launch Event

Writer Ryan O'Leary Debut Event

On Saturday, February 23, Writer Ryan O'Leary will be debuting his Facebook Fan Page along with the introduction of his new Short Series. Ryan has plenty of announcements to make regarding his upcoming work he is and will be doing with Author Sable Hunter, along with the release of his newly published short stories: J's White Tank Top, J's Pink Bikini, and J's Little Black Dress. 

Prizes, free book downloads, and plenty of activity between several Facebook pages will take place as we "Welcome Ryan" to the community of Authors where he so rightly belongs. Introduce yourself to Ryan O'Leary, celebrate in his joy and melt with his words. 

Recently named, "My Favorite Ryan from Canada" by Author Ginger Ring

Writer Ryan O'Leary
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  1. Your Awesome Ryan as a person and an Author ...I'm totally Team O'Leary <3
    ~Danielle~ "Confessions of a Bookaholic"

  2. Cant wait to get these books you are writing... especially the one with Sable Hunter.. Her books are Hot enough but with the 2 of you writing.. HELL YEAH is gonna be something more than that...

  3. Naughty boy, Your event on FB was a success and I look forward to read what you and Sable are putting together. Good Luck.