Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Interview with Janna from The Indie Bookshelf

One of the hardest things as a Writer for me to do are Interviews. To the spectator it’s a valid glimpse into the inner workings of the person behind the literary undertaking, which can be both enlightening and intriguing to say the least. To me, as the one answering the questions, it’s a process of inner most thought and reflection. If you know anything about me you’ll know I’m a guy’s guy. Inner most thoughts and reflection are not in my dictionary. Though most Interviewers stick to a script in a way with the obvious questions, some do delve into the unknown, reach beyond the usual to get a glimpse into the inner sanctum if you will. This Interview I’ve done for Janna at The Indie Bookshelf turned out to be one of those interviews. Let’s just say the questions were H A R D, LOL

Take a moment to stop by and see what I mean as you find out not only about my book J’s Purple Scarf, but also some inside personal information about me as well.

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