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Interview on Island Lovelies

Author Interview Ryan O'Leary 


Ok! We recently got the chance to interview the man himself, Mr Ryan O'Leary and I tell you he can make a tomato blush! Here it is my Lovelies! Hope you enjoy it!  Be warned..... its quite rude!

Ryan was interviewed by Natalie, Alicia and Emma 

Nat: Ask him Alicia do it in a sexy way lol he wont say no then

Alicia: Mwhahaha Ryan, can we dirty interview you??? Please?

Nat: Ryan top or bottom?

We had to wait a while for him to reply  

Alicia: Sir poke-a-lot, it's rude to keep ladies waiting!!! We need a dirty interview for the blog and ultimately YOU fit that! 

Ryan: What's a "dirty interview"?

Emma: Any interview with Alicia! lol

Alicia: We ask you some dirty questions... You answer honestly!! you game???

Nat: hahahaha oh my god! Ryan you need to think through this carefully as Alicia is involved you will be tied to her bed before you know it!

Alicia: Lol Em! There is an extra chain???...  

Nat: We will ask some proper questions as well. We won't make you sound all horny lol

Ryan - I'm game.

Alicia: Just make us sound horny......but with J's Closet being sexy, it's only right we do a sexy interview! Yay!!

Ryan - Hockey game starts in 35 minutes, girls. Better hurry

Nat: Give us your full attention then Mr

Alicia: Ryan, your books are full of sex... are we reading about your own sexcapades?
PS: 35 mins is plenty of time!!

Ryan - Hmmm. They aren't all based on actual events, but a few are.

Alicia: Which few?

Ryan - Nice try

Nat: Hahaha! You said you were game...

Nat: Why did you decide to become a romance writer or rephrase a filthy writer! lol

Ryan: I liek sex and I liek writing, so it was only natural to combine the 2 so I threw my hat into the erotic literature world. 

Alicia: Ok next, can we expect a longer book in J's closet that gives a lady time to get off on it before its all over?

Ryan - There is a full-length J and Travis book in the works, its about half done, but I'm a streaky writer, so it will either be done in the next 3 weeks or the next 3 months. 

Alicia: did you spend a lot of time doing research for you book lol bet it was fun research

Ryan: No need to do research. Its all been done already and the rest is imagination.

Alicia: Top or bottom?

Ryan: Tough one. Really, really tough one. Gun to my head? I choose bottom. I love being able to look up at her and watch her face. Watch her play with her breasts for me and I practically lose my mind when her hands find the wall above my head and she leans down so I can kiss and lick her tits. 

Alicia - Nice answer! 

Nat - Naughty

Emma - Love it!

Alicia: Favourite item of clothing on a lady... you can't choose thigh highs or any of the items previously used in J's closet!!

Nat: You seem to love the clothes aspect of sex when writing, why certain clothes? do you like a lady that dresses in certain items of clothing? 

Ryan: I liek the way a dress looks on a woman, but I also enjoy a girl in a pair of jeans. Depends on the woman of course. Thigh high socks, the ones that stop a few inches above the knee. I went to a catholic high school, so I developed an affinity for them.

Alicia: You cant choose them!!!

Nat: lol Why not alicia

Alicia: Because I already know he loves them and it needs to be another item of clothing lol
Favourite sexy outfit... police woman, sailor girl, school girl, little red riding hood etc?

Ryan - If I couldn't choose thigh highs I'd have to say, "Fuck! I don't want to live anymore." Hmmmm. Tough call. I guess if just one, I'd pick a nice formfitting sweater. Snug, God gave you the curves for a reason, ladies, so let us men enjoy them.

Emma: J is quite a strong character do you like women who know their own mind and take control or do you like to be in control?

Ryan: You always hear how women love confident men, but it goes both ways. A confident woman is a huge turn on, any guy will tell you that. J is the kind of girl I'd want to hangout with. She's flawed, but knows herself. I'll be in control, but I don't need to be. 

Nat: Do you prefer writing with jess and sable or on your own?

Ryan - I liek writing with Sable. Our styles compliment each other well I think. But she's soooooooooooo fucking good at what she does that I have difficulty keeping up sometimes. So as much as I love writing with her, I'm sure most writers would say they prefer to write alone.

Nat: Why romance? Its usually hard for a guy to show a romantic side yet you seem to have women who constantly want to talk to you? Do you love the attention you get from facebook etc or is it a front are you really shy Ryan who wouldnt say boo to a sheep? lol

Ryan - Am i shy in real life? Extremely. I go bright red when I feel liek everyone is looking at me, but I'm good with women once I get comfortable. I'm a huge flirt when I want to be, so to me, writing the romantic stuff is flirting, so I'm pretty good at it and I do it well. 

Alicia: Whats your favourite taste?

Ryan: If we're talking taste as in food, then I guess watermelon or strawberries. I love fresh juicy fruit. If we're talking taste, then it'd be this weird faint mixture of beer and cigarettes. Every so often I'll kiss a girl who's been drinking and smoking and it conjures up memories of kissing girls at parties in high school, when it was all new and exciting!

Nat:  ewww thats grose 

Ryan: I hate cigarette smoke, but its this funny taste that makes my head swim.

Ryan: Women taste divine, you should try one!

Alicia: NO THANK YOU! I like me some man meat!!

Nat: lol I will stick with the hubby he tastes devine also!

Alicia: What age did you lose your virginity?

RYAN: A few weeks before my 17th Birthday. 

Alicia: How many lovers have you had?

Ryan: Give me sec to add it up.

Nat -  hahaha Take your shoes off and use your toes, it may help you can count in twenties then!

Ryan: 10 - 12
Ryan: I live by a simple rule when it comes to women : Do them right the first time and they'll come back.

Alicia - Dream girl?

RYAN - Dream girl? Damn. I love me some Diane Lane!

Emma - Shes pretty! 

Nat: Wow!! Not what i thought you would go for pmsl 

Alicia: Blonde or Brunette?

Ryan: Blonde, but hair colour doesnt really matter to me, so either one really.

Alicia - Skinny or Curves?

Ryan - Curves. But liek hair colour, its not that vital. 

Nat: I like romantic Ryan. I will leave dirty Ryan to Em & Alicia!

Nat: Ha ha! Hey Ryan, what's your most embarrassing sexual experience?

Ryan: Some things are secrets.....

Alicia: Oh no! You can't say that!! Tell us!

Ryan: Gotta keep some mystery don't I?

Nat: Do you have a girlfriend?

Ryan: Secrets Natalie!

Nat: Or do you keep your fingers in all the pies?
Oh everything I ask is a secret.

Alicia: Ok to finish lets do a quick fire round:

Tits or Arse? - RYAN -  Tits

Hard & fast or Soft & Slow? - RYAN - Soft & Slow

Favourite Smell? - RYAN - Coolwater by Davidoff.

Blonde or Brunette? -  RYAN - Blonde, but hair colour doesnt really matter to me, so either one really.

English - Welsh or Australian?

RYAN - Ummmm. My high school girlfriend was from Runcorn, but the Australian accent turns me inside out and renders me pretty much powerless ;)

Nat - Ohhhhhh noooooo Emma you win!

Emma - LMAO!

Ok thats where we ended the interview (it got a bit tooooo naughty to print) but can we say a massive THANK YOU to Ryan for taking the time to chat with us we loved having you with us

You can contact Ryan on Facebook

Natalie, Alicia & Emma xxx

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  1. I forgot everything after you said an "Australian accent turns me inside out and renders me pretty much powerless".

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