Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick’s Day with J

The sign that greeted us said Finn O’Shaughnessy’s.
“I feel like I stepped straight off the street and into a bar in Dublin,” I said.
J smacked me on the arm. “Shut yer blimey mouth land-lover.”
“So now Irish people are pirates?”
J was great and the funniest girl I’d ever met, but when it came to doing accents, I could never tell her Jamaican from her Australian, they all sounded like a pirate.
“I said blimey, Travis.”
“Sorry, it’s loud in here.”
She gave a response but I couldn’t hear over the din of the crowd. “What?” I asked.
J opened her mouth to speak but again I heard nothing.
“You gotta speak up, babe.”
She took a step in front of me. “Kiss this,” she said and lifted up the hem of the short green and white polka-dot skirt she had on, “it’s Irish.”
Her perfect cheeks flashed in front of my eyes for a brief second. She had on a white thong with Kiss Me I’m Irish on the front, across her pussy and I had every intention of doing just that later on. I had gotten down on my knees at home when she showed it to me before we went out.
“What are you doing, Travis?”
“Changing Kiss, to Lick.”
Now that we were at the bar and she’d just given me an eyeful of her sweet ass, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to wait until we got home.
I pushed through the crowd with J at my heels. We were meeting friends there. We came to an impasse in the throng of partygoers and J did something that would alter the course of our night. She pulled my hand back and slid it up the front of her skirt. I felt her heat instantly.
I looked back over my shoulder at her and accused her of foul play with my eyes.
She shrugged and looked cute as a button. “What?” She bit her bottom lip and I knew what needed to be done.
The crowd wasn’t moving in front of us. The line-up for a drink was at least seven people deep and I knew we’d be lucky to get a drink by the end of the night if we waited there.
I brushed J’s panties aside and rubbed my fingertip over her clit. When I looked back over my shoulder to her again, her eyes were closed and she was quivering. Some asshole bumped into me on his way back from the bar and spilled his Guinness. He looked down at the black puddle at his feet and gave me a stern look, but opted not to say anything when he saw how much bigger than him I was.
I felt J press against my back a second later. “So not fair, Travis,” she said from behind me and bit my shoulder.
I wiggled my finger over her hot clit, looked back over my shoulder and gave her the same shrug and look of innocence she had given me. “What?”
She bit my shoulder again and I knew what I had to do.
“He’ll be busy with the bar,” I said and dragged J into a corridor just past the washrooms.
The cheap, stick-on sign on the door said Manager and the room didn’t disappoint. It was small, with a filing cabinet in the corner and a disheveled stack of papers on the metal desk a few feet from the door.
“Travis,” J said when I slammed the door behind me. “Are you serious?”
I stepped to her, put my hand back between her legs and bent into her ear. “You started it, sweetheart.”
I cleared the desktop with one quick swipe of my arm and pushed J back on to it. She didn’t say anything, but I could see the heat behind her eyes. I walked around the desk and sat in the chair; J watching me every step I took.
“Turn around,” I said from my seat.
J did a twirl on the desktop; her perfect little ass providing the pivot point.
My cock was stiff in my pants at the sight of her, but I’d decided not to offer it to her just yet. I was going to make her cum right here, then tease her all night with little whispers in her ear; with promises of giving her ever inch I had as soon as we got home and giving it to her hard.
I reached out and snatched her ankles. The feet of my chair screeched across the floor and I had my face in her pussy before she knew it. I hooked a finger into her panties and pulled them aside. Her lips were already glistening and I kissed them as per the instructions on her underwear. J put her hand on my head and leaned back on the desk. I heard the novelty green bowler she had fall off and hit the ground. I laved her clit with my tongue and J’s nails dug into my scalp.
I could tell she was going to go quick. “Cum for me, J,” I implored as I licked her faster.
J let out a scream and I swear I heard the bar on the other side of the wall go silent.
I held her in place with strong hands on her hips and the desk shook along with her orgasm. When she had finally stopped quivering I scratched out the Kiss on her underwear with a marker I’d found amongst the rubble on the ground and wrote on Lick in its place.
J took the marker out of my hand.
“What are you doing?” I asked.
She smiled at me, lifted the front of her dress up and put a checkmark beside the Lick I had added.
God my wife is awesome!

Come Join us tonight as we Celebrate St Paddy's Day


  1. Ahh, it was a great day for the Irish indeed.
    J is very *LUCKY* to have a husband as accommodating as Travis. Travis should have a pair of boxers that reads; rubix cube, the more you play with it, the harder it gets!