Saturday, March 16, 2013

NEW RELEASE - Ryan with Sable Hunter

First Installment of It's Just Sex - Green with Envy

by Barb Caruso

Take a look in the all NEW Serial from Ryan and Sable Hunter as we are introduced to Andrew and Rosemary "Romey" in It's Just Sex. I just finished the first installment this morning and I have to say I can't wait for the next one! Although most of you know Ryan's work and possibly Sable's; this, however, blew me away and is not like what I'm used to from either of them individually. 

You can easily tell Ryan's influences throughout the book as you feel the sexual tension we've come to expect from him, if you've spent anytime on Ryan's Facebook Pages you'll know what I mean. Sable's influence is also prolific in the in depth details on these characters feelings. I personally love that about Sable's books, I also love Ryan's flirtatious writing in his books as well. Together, these two are a powerful force and I'm personally glad they finally got together to collaborate more work. After the teasing we were given with Forget Me Never, who could forget the Nerf Gun fight, I'm so happy to see them working together again and with a Serial no less! Continuous flirtations, teasing, and HOT passionate SEX. That I can't live without. 

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