Wednesday, May 29, 2013

J's Closet NOW available on Amazon

Get Ready for the Next Book!

What you may already know is that J's Closet is Now on Amazon. What you don't already know is the next book is in the works! 

Excerpt from J's Closet:

I put my hand on her knee and forced her thighs apart. I was determined to return the favor right there in the front seat. 
“Travis. There’s a cop coming.” 
I took my mouth off her chest and looked out the window. It wasn’t a cop; but it was a security car and I could tell that the driver had seen us as he drove past our car. I wanted to wait him out; I was desperate to get my tongue on J’s little clit, but he pulled into an empty parking spot, making it clear to me that he planned on catching us...

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