Friday, May 3, 2013

Writer Flirt and Now Inspiration!

by Fibre

Flirty, Sexy, and now an Inspiration!! Our Ryan O'Leary just recently became the spotlight as "Inspirational Man for Wednesday" on Jamallah Bergman's Stories of Love and Romance Blog 

The article articulates his current and upcoming work both stand alone and with his writing partner Sable Hunter. While he's working on his upcoming releases he's captivating his audience on his personal page and his Writer Fan Page. 

It's nice to see other people realize how incredible a person he is too. 

Congrats Ryan!! I'm sure it's not going to your head at all. LOL

Bergman, Jamallah. (2013, April 24). My Inspirational Man for Wednesday.... Ryan O'Leary. Retrieved from

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