Sunday, May 12, 2013

Why We Read

by Fibre

Over the past few weeks I've found many people questioning whether a book is 'realistic' or not, and judging it on that fact. I ask why?

It is the injustices in the world that leave us with the desire to disconnect, they leave us with the impressions that the tales of our childhood cannot be true. We want the dream, we want the aspirations of those legends we’ve grown up with to be reality. That’s what makes books from magnificent writers like: Sable Hunter, Jess Hunter, and Ryan O’Leary such sought after pieces. We long for the hope and dreams of yesterday that once encompassed our lives so fully that we dressed up as Superman, Batman, and Spiderman. We want that Hero! We want those protectors, that’s why we fantasize about them in the innocence of our youth and cling to those fantasies into adulthood. The beauty of reading is that it gives us the limitless possibilities of Love, Protection, Shelter and Satisfaction. It’s realism we strive to get away from in our day to day lives, that’s what makes a novel so beautiful. Appreciate the allure of those limitless possibilities these authors provide. I find myself realizing that there are similarities between my dreams from childhood and adulthood, although magnificently different in oh so many ways, they are similar in their core concept. Break away from the fallacies of reality and the misconceptions of expectations in what we read, just find what you like and READ!
Finding Dandi by Sable Hunter on Amazon

For A Hero by Jess Hunter on Amazon

J’s Closet by Ryan O’Leary on Amazon

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  1. So true! It sh*ts me when people review books, especially romance & erotica, and say that the plotline wouldn't happen in real life! WTF? Novels are fiction. If we wanted real life, we would read non fiction or turn on the TV. Just my opinion!
    x Emma x